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Monday, August 6, 2012

Test the best in Agendas and Planners...

I'm going to start a new thread this week, about my newly acquired taste for "old-fashioned" calendars and planners. I'm talking specifically about the special journey I've been taking over the past 6 months--as I've begun moving away from the digital personal time management software, to the amazing feel of my freshly sharpened pencil, poised carefully over my Moleskine notebook, in readiness to capture important information.
I'm having second thoughts about the exclusive use of personal information managers. And thirds and fourth thoughts as well.
Over the past 7 years I've upgraded and acquired over a dozen digital applications designed to make me work more efficiently. I've traveled on the digital toll roads-on a Palm Pilot TX, over the Windows Mobile handheld environment. And Ive paid dearly for
the transfer to the fastest and most modern expressway to date: the Apple magic has come to my household on theiPhone and by ipad2. But am I better organized? Can I find my notes at a moments notice? And more importantly-has it made my life any easier at all?
I can't be sure. It's entirely possible that I'm only playing an expensive game. I worry more now about preserving my digital documents than I ever did with the contents in my old file cabinet. I've often wondered how many of us have had the courage to admit they preferred their legal pad and rollerball--after trying the latest technology.

Hello, my name is Linda. And I am in love with my leather Filofax Planners.


  1. Often it comes down to that, doesn't it, Linda? I think a lot of younger people who have grown up with computers would probably disagree but when it comes down to the nitty gritty I still prefer a blank page and a pen.
    I think it was Rudyard Kipling who said that if he didn't write with purple ink on green paper his daemon (note the diphthong) wouldn't talk to him. I find that when I want to get creative I need pen and paper and the ability to draw circles and lines, linking ideas. I guess the sane applies to planners.

  2. You're exactly right--there is nothing like really good quality paper and a pen that doesn't skip--even better with a fountain pen- right?
    I'm also certain that our children and grandchildren have missed out on much of that enjoyment. My 31 year old son doesn't remember a time when he didn't have access to a computer.
    The other interesting thing about that, is that now you barely hear about anyone using a desk top computer-it's all about lap tops now.
    But I'll tell you what my problem has been-I have to stop obsessing over one method or the other. There's probably a happy place where I don't have to be rigid about which one I use. Sometimes it's better for use of a computerized method and sometimes I want to relax with my trusty pen and paper. Nothing wrong with that, right?
    Thanks Dozy--I'm going a little nuts with too much time on my hands!