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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Cut Yours for a Good Cause!

IF you ever decide to cut your hair shorter, there are charities in the U.S. and other countries around the world where you can donate your hair for a good cause. 
The one in the U.S. that I go to is named "Locks of Love."  They make human hair wigs for those men and women with serious illnesses that has caused their hair to fall out. These wigs, are all provided at little or no cost to the wearer. 

So every few years I grow out my hair, to give them a pony tail of at least 11-12 inches. 
It's an organization that has been around for many years---and I feel good about doing it!
For more information, please contact: 
Locks of

Saturday, August 1, 2015


I have always been concerned that the U.S. refusal to pass reasonable gun control laws would produce a population that continues to devalue the lives of humans--and majestic animals like Cecil. 
And because the legal possession of guns-that can bring down elephants--continues to be identified as part of our "rights", it shouldn't surprise anyone that acts like this, of cowardice and cruelty, would follow. 
I very much doubt that the founding fathers of our country had this interpretation in mind when crafting the Bill of Rights.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Other Side of Organization

Personal time management is very important to me.  I've been looking for the best for a long time- Palm Pilots, Ipaqs and iPhones-I tried them all.  There's been so many that have come and gone-but none that have come close to the excellence of PI. 
With each new PIM app launched, it has become more apparent that PI is the ultimate in personal time management.  
 The UI is a joy to work with. Everything about this app is clear, easy to understand & considerably more intuitive than ever before.  Their interpretation of GTD is perfection-I've never seen better!  
 I've tried over a dozen other calendar/task manager programs, PI continues to be my go-to, first choice in personal time management.  
It is truly amazing what the developers have achieved. 
Pocket Informant continues to provide me with all of the necessary tools I need to keep me organized.  I cannot imagine being happy with any other personal management app than Pocket Informant.

Next:  paper planning vs electronic

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

What Type of Planner Are You?

While deciding on how best to assign names to specific "planner types" --- there was no need to "re-invent the wheel" for the answer.
The revamped, and newly managed Franklin Covey Planner Division, have refreshed their original collection of named paper planners. My hope is to provide a simple chart, organized by the type of planner, to provide the names of each of those filler collections that most closely represent each of these types--i.e. Seasons, Leadership, and Blooms. (1)

Although this much categorizing of planners may not be your particular "cup of tea" --- using this chart could help you in finding the planner that will serve your needs best!

"The Easy Planner"

A simple, flexible planner style is what makes the "Easy Planner" most happy. They prefer simple page layouts,with plenty of unlabeled space that could be adaptable to any planning style. If you like having the freedom to organize your day in your way, you might consider choosing to be an Easy Planner.
Certainly you will find many types of planner fillers to support this preference. Check out the paper planners on the site, which are labeled by the above planner types. You will be able to view actual pages of these two distinct planner types.

"The Master Planner"

Goal-focused life management is the most desired style for The Master Planner. If you are looking for features designed to help you achieve your goals, choose to consider becoming A Master Planner. Should you choose to try the Master Planner style, its possible to increase your productivity, and greatly reduce stress and frustration.
Structured, prioritized task lists and appointment schedules are what works best for this type.
Two-page, tabbed monthly calendars, space assigned to note taking and expense tracking - these are all examples of features. (2)

Next: the final two "planner types"

(1-2)Credit: Franklin Covey)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Image is Important When Selecting a Planner

I HAVE had a great deal of experience over the last 20 years, with all types of planners. Some of the early models have included those from a local bank, the corner drugstore --- and an assortment of other-free-calendars.
In 2002, I purchased the first of many digital planning programs, and the PDA's to load them into. Eventually, as all good gadget collectors will often do, I entered the age of the Smartphone, with all it has to offer. But in the early days of this all-in-one magic, there arose a number of definite drawbacks to storing your life on a digital device. None is more life changing than the eventual loss of data. Sometimes even client data....
And you will lose it--trust me. Before wireless backup, before "cloud residences" there were manual backups, on discs and tapes, to be done--daily. Perhaps you are the type that remembers everything without being reminded--and if so, more power to you! (maybe you don't a planner after all?)

But if you're like me, and the majority of busy people who juggle their appointments between projects--you WILL forget to back up. First time you are contrite--and very sure it will never happen again! But, bad habits build on themselves when you're busy. Next thing you know, you tell yourself that you really only need to do it weekly, anyway.....and then one day your computer hard drive "hiccups"..and crashes...and your last back up, done properly, was a year ago--with no other means of retrieval. Because, really--- who uses paper anymore, anyway?

So there you have it. I can only speak for myself and my family--but that's what happened to me---twice.

And thus, my rebirth into the world of paper planning! and what a world it turned out to be. Things have certainly changed.

Stay tuned 'till Monday, for the exciting next chapter, on:

Austin Linda Rides Again!


Monday, August 6, 2012

Test the best in Agendas and Planners...

I'm going to start a new thread this week, about my newly acquired taste for "old-fashioned" calendars and planners. I'm talking specifically about the special journey I've been taking over the past 6 months--as I've begun moving away from the digital personal time management software, to the amazing feel of my freshly sharpened pencil, poised carefully over my Moleskine notebook, in readiness to capture important information.
I'm having second thoughts about the exclusive use of personal information managers. And thirds and fourth thoughts as well.
Over the past 7 years I've upgraded and acquired over a dozen digital applications designed to make me work more efficiently. I've traveled on the digital toll roads-on a Palm Pilot TX, over the Windows Mobile handheld environment. And Ive paid dearly for
the transfer to the fastest and most modern expressway to date: the Apple magic has come to my household on theiPhone and by ipad2. But am I better organized? Can I find my notes at a moments notice? And more importantly-has it made my life any easier at all?
I can't be sure. It's entirely possible that I'm only playing an expensive game. I worry more now about preserving my digital documents than I ever did with the contents in my old file cabinet. I've often wondered how many of us have had the courage to admit they preferred their legal pad and rollerball--after trying the latest technology.

Hello, my name is Linda. And I am in love with my leather Filofax Planners.