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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Image is Important When Selecting a Planner

I HAVE had a great deal of experience over the last 20 years, with all types of planners. Some of the early models have included those from a local bank, the corner drugstore --- and an assortment of other-free-calendars.
In 2002, I purchased the first of many digital planning programs, and the PDA's to load them into. Eventually, as all good gadget collectors will often do, I entered the age of the Smartphone, with all it has to offer. But in the early days of this all-in-one magic, there arose a number of definite drawbacks to storing your life on a digital device. None is more life changing than the eventual loss of data. Sometimes even client data....
And you will lose it--trust me. Before wireless backup, before "cloud residences" there were manual backups, on discs and tapes, to be done--daily. Perhaps you are the type that remembers everything without being reminded--and if so, more power to you! (maybe you don't a planner after all?)

But if you're like me, and the majority of busy people who juggle their appointments between projects--you WILL forget to back up. First time you are contrite--and very sure it will never happen again! But, bad habits build on themselves when you're busy. Next thing you know, you tell yourself that you really only need to do it weekly, anyway.....and then one day your computer hard drive "hiccups"..and crashes...and your last back up, done properly, was a year ago--with no other means of retrieval. Because, really--- who uses paper anymore, anyway?

So there you have it. I can only speak for myself and my family--but that's what happened to me---twice.

And thus, my rebirth into the world of paper planning! and what a world it turned out to be. Things have certainly changed.

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