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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

What Type of Planner Are You?

While deciding on how best to assign names to specific "planner types" --- there was no need to "re-invent the wheel" for the answer.
The revamped, and newly managed Franklin Covey Planner Division, have refreshed their original collection of named paper planners. My hope is to provide a simple chart, organized by the type of planner, to provide the names of each of those filler collections that most closely represent each of these types--i.e. Seasons, Leadership, and Blooms. (1)

Although this much categorizing of planners may not be your particular "cup of tea" --- using this chart could help you in finding the planner that will serve your needs best!

"The Easy Planner"

A simple, flexible planner style is what makes the "Easy Planner" most happy. They prefer simple page layouts,with plenty of unlabeled space that could be adaptable to any planning style. If you like having the freedom to organize your day in your way, you might consider choosing to be an Easy Planner.
Certainly you will find many types of planner fillers to support this preference. Check out the paper planners on the site, which are labeled by the above planner types. You will be able to view actual pages of these two distinct planner types.

"The Master Planner"

Goal-focused life management is the most desired style for The Master Planner. If you are looking for features designed to help you achieve your goals, choose to consider becoming A Master Planner. Should you choose to try the Master Planner style, its possible to increase your productivity, and greatly reduce stress and frustration.
Structured, prioritized task lists and appointment schedules are what works best for this type.
Two-page, tabbed monthly calendars, space assigned to note taking and expense tracking - these are all examples of features. (2)

Next: the final two "planner types"

(1-2)Credit: Franklin Covey)

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