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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Other Side of Organization

Personal time management is very important to me.  I've been looking for the best for a long time- Palm Pilots, Ipaqs and iPhones-I tried them all.  There's been so many that have come and gone-but none that have come close to the excellence of PI. 
With each new PIM app launched, it has become more apparent that PI is the ultimate in personal time management.  
 The UI is a joy to work with. Everything about this app is clear, easy to understand & considerably more intuitive than ever before.  Their interpretation of GTD is perfection-I've never seen better!  
 I've tried over a dozen other calendar/task manager programs, PI continues to be my go-to, first choice in personal time management.  
It is truly amazing what the developers have achieved. 
Pocket Informant continues to provide me with all of the necessary tools I need to keep me organized.  I cannot imagine being happy with any other personal management app than Pocket Informant.

Next:  paper planning vs electronic

1 comment:

  1. I have PI, I'm not a big user of it. I find it a little too complicated for my needs really. I wish they would up date the graphics, the time setting ones on appointments look very retro to me... spoils it in a way.

    I still love the simplicity of Agenda on my Psion 5MX it worked so easily. I might go back to using it for desk reminders